Anorexic Dreams by Kikka Ouzounidou


I am Kikka, one of the two founders of this page!

Many years ago, I went through anorexia to a very extreme point, weighing just 32 kg…I fell into depression, I hated myself, I had vomited over 10,000 times, I smelled death, but today I am here, and through my hard autobiography, I try to give strength to those who struggle with themselves and with difficult situations!

Through my book "ANOREXIC DREAMS", I have tried to pass messages to some parents for the mistakes they make with their children that may become fatal...

If we all had the courage to stay naked with our truth, we would all feel less lonely because one would get power from the other... I, through my book, got naked with my truth...
You can find here my e-book on Amazon:

Thank you for your support!

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